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April 24, 2018
Study Finds Extended Half-Life Products Double Costs.

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Hemlibra Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hemlibra a clotting factor product?
No, while Hemlibra is a treatment for hemophilia it is not a clotting factor and thus will not show up as such in blood tests for factor levels. Blood work testing the factor activity level, however, will show the increased clotting ability.



Who can use Hemlibra?
Hemlibra is currently only approved for use on Hemophilia A inhibitor patients. With completed clinical trials on non-inhibitor patients with Hemophilia A suggests that Hemlibra may have an indication for use in standard, previously treated Hemophilia patients in the coming months.


Will Hemlibra work with Hemophilia B?


No, Unfortunately Hemlibra only works for Hemophilia A and is currently only approved for use in inhibitor patients.



Do you still have hemophilia if you are on Hemlibra?


Yes. While on Hemlibra you will still have hemophilia. You should simply have fewer bleeds and be able to clot more like a mild hemophiliac than a severe.



If I have successfully completed Immune Tolerance Induction but still have a lingering insignificant titer, can I use Hemlibra?


Technically, you would meet the product indication requirements as having an inhibitor because the actual indication does not specify a level of titer required. This may not be in your best interest however. There is always a possibility of your Inhibitor returning in force if you are currently on prophylaxis and stop using factor products. Always discuss your treatment protocol thoroughly with your doctor.



Does Hemlibra work for treating a person with vonWillebrands?

Hemlibra does not replace the vonWillebrands' factor protein. It may help with the artificially low factor VIII activity level seen in some vonWillebrands patients but this has not been studied and Hemlibra has no indications for vonWillebrands disease.

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