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April 24, 2018
Study Finds Extended Half-Life Products Double Costs.

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U&I Pharmacy gets nod as a Genentech
approved pharmacy for Hemlibra!


U&I Pharmacy is proud to announce a formalized partnership with Genentech to be a provider for Hemlibra (Emicizumab) to the hemophilia community. Hemlibra is now another tool we can use to help provide the best care to our blood brothers and sisters.

Hemlibra is a subcutaneous shot that introduces antibodies that mimic the functionality of Factor VIII. Hemlibra is not a clotting factor protein and does not induce the production of clotting factor proteins, it simply mimics the function of the factor eight molecule. As mentioned, Hemlibra is administered as a Sub-Q shot in the same way flu shots and insulin are typically given.


Currently Hemlibra is indicated as a weekly shot for the treatment of Hemophilia A patients with active inhibitors. Hemlibra should always be kept refrigerated but unopened vials remain usable up to one week after removed from refrigeration. Open or partially used vials should be discarded as there is no antimicrobial additives in the sterile vials.


Dosing of Hemlibra, like clotting factor is based on weight, however unlike clotting factor products Hemlibra is measured in milligrams (mg) and not international units (iu). Dosing consists of 3mg/kg for the first four weeks then drops to 1.5mg/kg from week five on. Vial sizes range from 30mg to 150mg with diluent volumes ranging from .4ml to 1ml.


Our staff is amongst the most knowledgeable of any pharmacy staff regarding the use and provision of Hemlibra. We will gladly answer any questions we can and help get answers to any questions we do not already have answers to.


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